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Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I find email addresses and contact information for elected officials

What is the mailing address for town hall and where can I find email addressess for staff

Where is the landfill site and when is it open

Attend the Shelburne Public Library

Who is my hydro provider

Who is my Member of Provincial Parliament

Who is my Member of Parliament

Where do I pick up recycling bins, food waste bins and dispose of hazardous waste

My garbage did not get collected

Get Married

Find Information regarding the 2014 Election

Access Agendas and Minutes

Appear as a Delegation

Apply for a Building Permit

Apply for a Job

Bid on a Tender/ Submit an RFP

Build a Deck

Build a Fence

Contact the Town

Contact Town Council

Find Business Space

Move to Shelburne

Pay My Taxes

Rent a Facility

Register for a Program

Rezone a Property

Sign up for Swimming

Visit Shelburne


CDRC/Arena (519) 925-2400

Shelburne Public Library (519) 925-2168

MTO Licensing Office (519) 925-3741

Shelburne Health & Care Centre (519) 925-3340

Canada Post (519) 925-3615

Shelburne Police Service (519) 925-3312

Township of Melancthon (519) 925-5525

Town of Orangeville Small Business Enterprise - Ruth Phillips (519) 941-0440 Ext. 291

Dufferin Transfer Station (519) 943-0101

Ontario Early Years Centre (519) 925-5504

Taxi (519) 942-3200

Diabetes Association Donation Line 1-905-282-9119

Ontario Provincial Police (519) 925-3838

County of Dufferin (519) 941-2816

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