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Sanitary sewer flushing and camera inspection
Posted Tuesday May 2nd 2017

On May 1st, the Town started its 2017 sanitary sewer flushing and camera inspection program in the Silk Drive, Fleming Way, Muriel Street and Cedar Street area.  Through this media, the Town is aware some residents had water blow back into their houses through the sewer services.  Before they started work today, Town Staff spoke to the Contractor about the problem, and he agreed to change to his operational procedure to minimize the potential for this problem to recur as the program continues in other areas of Town.   If a homeowner has a specific concern about their property, please call the Town (519-925-2600) ex 231, and that Staff member will review your specific issue with you.


This is the third year of a three year program, and its purpose is two-fold.  First, the work is being done as part of a regular maintenance program to clear any debris and sediment that may have settled in the pipes to ensure they will continue to flow freely and not back up.  Second, the camera inspection part of the work will identify areas where clean water is leaking into the pipes and unnecessarily increasing the volume of sewage that has to be treated at the Water Pollution Control Plant. 

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