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6:00 pm January 14, 2019 Council Meeting
Posted Monday January 14th 2019

Please note - the Council Meeting scheduled for Monday January 14, 2019 will commence at 6:00 pm in the Grace Tipling Hall.  The first presentation for the evening will be the Ontario Provincial Police Contract Policing Proposal.

As requested by Council, the OPP will be presenting a Contract Policing Proposal to Council. Council will ask questions of the OPP at this meeting. No decision on policing services is being made on January 14, 2019.  The Town of Shelburne has 6 months to respond to the OPP.  This presentation by the OPP is part of a process. The process will include community and public consultation.  The OPP will not be providing their presentation in advance of Monday night’s meeting.  Their presentation will be available at 6:00 pm Monday evening and will be posted to the Town's website as of 2pm Tuesday January 15, 2019.

To view a copy of the agenda please click on this link http://www.townofshelburne.on.ca/uploads/pdfs/council-2019-01-115c390a5a58561-meeting-agenda.pdf

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