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Update: Wastewater Facility
Posted Friday April 26th 2019

Update for the Town to post on Facebook: Unpleasant Odour in Area Surrounding Wastewater Facility

The Town of Shelburne would like to clarify information provided in a previous post regarding process at the sewage treatment plant.

On April 26, OCWA had planned to haul biosolids for agricultural application. These biosolids are made up of organic matter that is recycled from sewage and is approved and safe to use for land application under Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) regulations. This haulage is a normal process performed bi-annually. Due to weather conditions this routine task has been postponed. 
The Town wishes to address concerns expressed in several comments. The Town’s sewage treatment plant, built in 1982, includes storm holding ponds to help manage overflow in the event of incremental and unpredictable weather conditions, a commonly-used and environmentally-friendly alternative to discharging directly into rivers and lakes. Due to inclement weather and challenges to the process treatment, the holding ponds are at capacity at this time and creating an unpleasant odour to residents closer to the treatment plant.  All wastewater discharged to the holding ponds is disinfected prior to being discharged to the environment. The odours are not a public health risk and will naturally dissipate over the coming days.

Please contact us at jmoss@shelburne.ca  for further information.

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