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Planning Forms & Information

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The Planning Department establishes policies and regulations as they relate to land use in the Town of Shelburne.

The Planning Department is responsible for the formulation of planning and development policies within the Town and the application of those policies to specific development proposals.

The Planning Department also ensures compliance with municipal zoning regulations

Town of Shelburne Consolidated Zoning By-law #38-2007
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Site Alteration/Fill By-law #26-2015

Application for Site Alteration

Planning Process and Forms

Planning Fee Structure
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Development Charges Brochure - 2018
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Planning on Building a Deck, Shed or Fence?
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Zoning Compliance Request $65.00



Planning Services
Planning Policy
  • Provides information relating to the Town's Official Plan
  •  Formulates policies and regulations as they relate to land use and proposals for land use in the Town of Shelburne
  • Participates in the formulation of policies with other levels of government that have an impact on Shelburne
  • Land use is guided by the Town of Shelburne Official Plan in conjunction with Provincial policy
  • Produces mapping (including street maps)
  • Responsible for municipal house numbering
Planning Services

Generally, development review encompasses the Division of Land and Regulation of Land Use. See Zoning By-Law 38-2007, as amended, is available at the Town of Shelburne's municipal offices.
The Planning Department processes and evaluates various land development applications as authorized by the Planning Act and categorized as follows:

Division of Land

  • Subdivisions *
  • Condominiums *
  • Part-Lot Control *
  • Land Severance (Consent) Applications

* Final approval is required from Province.

Regulation of Land Use

  • Official Plan Amendments
  • Zoning By-law Amendments
  • Applications for Minor Variance
  • Applications for Site Plan Approval
The Town of Shelburne Committee of Adjustment is comprised of Shelburne Council members who review applications for consent and minor variance.


Building Services
The Town Planner provides zoning compliance letters and municipal approvals for building permits. Building permits are issued by the County of Dufferin. They can be reached at (519) 941-2362 or http://www.dufferincounty.on.ca
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