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Town Hall


The Treasury Department is responsible for managing the finances of the Town which includes, processing all accounts payables and receivables, the budget process, cash management, financial reporting, procurement, insurance and risk management, external audit, investment and borrowing, Development Charges, and Tax Policy setting.

Carey Holmes
(519) 925-2600 Ext. 228

Maryon English
Deputy Treasurer
(519) 925-2600 Ext. 222

Kristy Stevens
Accounts Payable, Property Tax Inquiries
(519) 925-2600 Ext. 253

Joanne Marceau
Utility & Public Works Coordinator
(519) 925-2600 Ext. 231

Town of Shelburne Customer Service Policy

To view a copy of the Town's user fee booklet please click here

Town of Shelburne Municipal Grant Funding Policy

Municipal Grant Funding Application

When requesting Certificates for Tax and Water/Sewer

Tax Certificate - $60.00
Final Meter Read/Water Certificate - $35.00

                                               Annual Budget Reporting and Financials    

Adopted Budget                                                                   Public Presentations              

2019 Adopted Budget

2018 Adopted Budget

2017 Adopted Budget                                                              2017 Draft Budget
2016 Adopted Budget                                                              2016 Draft Budget
2015 Adopted Budget                                                              2015 Year End
2014 Adopted Budget                   
2013 Adopted Budget                       
2012 Adopted Budget                      
2011 Adopted Budget   


Financial Information Return/Performance Measures                2016 Asset Management Plan 

2016 Financial Information Return/Performance Measures

2015 Financial Information Return/Performance Measures
2014 Financial Information Return/Performance Measures
2013 Financial Information Return/Performance Measures
2012 Financial Information Return/Performance Measures
2011 Financial Information Return/Performance Measures

Audited Financial Statements

2017 Audited Financial Statement
2016 Audited Financial Statement
2015 Audited Financial Statement
2014 Audited Financial Statement
2013 Audited Financial Statement
2012 Audited Financial Statement
2011 Audited Financial Statement

Final DC Report

2018 Final DC Summary

2017 Final DC Summary

2016 Final DC Summary
2015 Final DC Summary










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